Feelin my Age

Ok so maybe the tittle is a little dramatic but seriously people the last week or so has been rough.

To start with I did not go black friday shopping for the first time this year in 7 years. I really don't like the new sales. The store sales keep starting earlier and earlier. As excited as I am for Black Friday I am not crazy about spending part of my Thanksgiving in line. So we went close to 10pm to Toys R Us to see how bad things were. Usually if you wait a few minutes after the first rush you can get into the store, get a few of the toys, and then stand in line for a while. I had nothing that I had to get just some toys that were a good price that the kids would have liked. When we got there we couldn't even get into the parking lot. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that 10 minutes after the store opened there were still 1000 people in line all the way through the parking lot to the street. Someone later told me it was 10 in 10 out because there were so many people. Deciding against Toys R Us I headed over to Walmart.

The Walmart here sucks at their lines. They let people shop at all hours and then just wait in line to check out. People had been there since 7 pm (sale started at midnight) so most of the piles of toys, video games, movies, etc were ramshacked at best. Then I walked around cause I had contemplated coming back at 3 am for the electronic sale. That was until I saw 20 plus people in line for the few things I thought about coming back for (sale started at 5 am). No thanks. My time is worth more than what I was going to save. So disheartened I went home and went to bed. UGH.

To round out the weekend I got some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning. I was sick all night Saturday night and Sunday morning. I couldn't even get out of bed until 3 in the afternoon. Thank goodness my in-laws were still in town and could take the older two kids for the day. I am still not feeling back to 100%.

I feel very behind this year in my Christmas shopping. Part of it has to do with the fact that I lose a week because we are heading back to KS. We decided to have our Christmas with the kids on the Friday night before we leave town. We are not sure how "Santa" is going to arrive but we are working on it. While we are excited to be back in KS for Christmas for the first time in a few years it is once again a reminder that we can't be everywhere all the time. Someone's family is going to miss out and even then we have to split time between my mom and dad and between Bret's mom's family and dad's. This discussion has caused more than one tiff between Bret and I.

In other news our family is officially moving back to KS in June. Bret has accepted a job in Garden City Kansas and we couldn't be happier. Now we just have to find a place to live and move.

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Amy said...

Congratulations! How exciting to get to move back home. :)