30 Years Old

Dear Adriana,

Today you are 30 years old. After writing letters to your husband, children, and various other family members on their birthday it was time to write yourself. You are a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. You are starting to understand what people mean when they tell you that getting old means getting comfortable with yourself.

Seven years ago you married your soul mate. Everyday you and Bret choose to love each other regardless of whether or not the other deserves it. You may not always like each other but you love each other deeply. Life is so much less scary and so much more fun together. You are still trying to figure out how to communicate better with each other and how to love each other in the way you each want and need to be loved but don't worry you have plenty of time for that.

Your three kids love you and you them more than you ever thought possible. Emily is your little mini-me both in good ways and bad. Sometimes it feels like you are being hard on her but you know what she is capable of and know how hard to push. Palmer is your opportunity to be a better mother. He challenges you everyday but gives you the best hugs and says the sweetest things to remind you how much he loves and needs you. Logan is your gift. He is the best baby, cuddles, and saves his best smiles for you. You know that your family is not yet complete. It's not strange that when you think of your family you think of Bret, Emily, Palmer, Logan, and at least one other child that is not yet here but that is waiting with God.

Stay close to the friends that you have. It is so easy to be busy in life and lose touch but make an effort. You are a good daughter (and daughter-in-law). Moving closer to family will make somethings easier and some things harder. Be patient they are still your parents.

Take time for yourself. If you give and give and give and never take for yourself the well will go dry. Stop sweating the small things. If the house isn't clean and dishes sit in the sink a little longer no one will care or remember that. Spending that time reading to your kids or taking a walk with your husband will do everyone some good. Let it go or better yet pay someone else to do it. The key to letting the small things go is figuring out what things are small in the big picture.

Be proud of yourself. In 30 years you have accomplished a lot and learned so much. The next 30 years are going to be awesome. Have a happy birthday and go eat some chocolate...you've earned it.




LOLA said...

What a lovely post - so well written. I grew up in Kansas and lived in Maryland for many years and even worked in Pennsylvania for awhile. I shall visit you again.

Infinities of love,

Kim said...

I should take that advice and apply it to myself. Except the dishes part...Hubs handles those for me.