Fatty Friday

We are going on a tropical vacation after Bret graduates in June. I am no longer nursing Logan and although the freedom feels great I will miss the extra 800 calories a day it used to burn.

That said I have made the decision to lose 25 pounds by June.

Other than when I had the three babies I have NEVER lost weight. I mean NEVER. Truth be told I can't honestly said I have ever tried very hard. Sure I have told myself that I was going on a diet but then that went out the window less than a day later. I have gotten on exercise kicks and done pretty well with running but this never resulted in weight loss on the scale.

So that being said as part of my weight loss plan (which I will detail here soon) I have committed Fridays to talking about fat and my plan to lose it. It doesn't matter how many times I cheat or feel quiting my goal is to stick with it and not give up. I may only lose 5 pounds between now and June but no matter what I am still going to write about it and remind myself of how I'm doing on Friday's. Hopefully some of you are joining my campaign and will share in your triumphs and struggles on Fridays as well.

For me the biggest challenge is food choices. Meaning I make really poor ones and I over consume. So at least to start with right or wrong I am going to try and make it as easy as possible to control this. I have stocked my freezer with breakfast and lunch frozen dinners that are low calorie (I know the sodium is high but I'll deal with that). I have also stocked my pantry with 100 calorie servings of snacks and some sweet things that are portion controlled as well. I am also committing to drinking more water with filled water bottles everywhere. Dinner will start with more sides that are not so carb heavy (aka less potatoes, rice, and bread and more veggies). Other than that we are starting our family walks before dinner (we can bundle up against the weather for that short of a period of time) and going to the gym. I am also using sparkpeople to help with keeping track of calories and calorie burns.

Has anyone heard of the body bug? It's what they use on the biggest loser and I am seriously thinking about buying one. Hmm...we'll see how it goes. Oh, I almost forgot the most important part. I have rewards planned too. When I lose 5 pounds I am going to get an hour long massage. When I lose 10 I am going to get a facial. When I lose 15 pounds I am going to buy myself a Coach purse (at the outlets of course). When I lose 20 pounds I am going to go on an overnight trip with my husband sans kids. When I lose 25 pounds I am going on mini-shopping spree for new clothes for our trip for just me. So what are your goals and rewards? We can do this.

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