Tooth Drama

We had a great weekend. Bret was off and other than swim lessons on Saturday and a soccer game on Sunday we didn't have much going on.

Saturday evening we took the kids to the movies and when we got home everyone started getting ready for bed. Emily was brushing her teeth and I ran down to the basement to grab something. Suddenly I heard the most blood curdling scream come from Emily. I ran back upstairs to see what happened and there is Emily with Bret crying with blood trickling down her chin and her tooth sticking straight out.

Emily has a spin tooth brush and some how while she was brushing her teeth one of her lower teeth that wasn't really very loose spun around and was now sticking straight out. Bret was telling her that either she needed to pull her tooth or he was going to. She was shaking and had a tissue around her tooth trying to gear up the courage to pull it and of course she was crying pretty hard the whole time. It was quite the scene. She pulled it herself and it bled quite a bit but she was fine.

Sometimes I think about all these little things that happen in our house. There is never a dull moment. You never know what is going to happen next. Shortly after some friends came over and played cards until late. It wasn't until we had gone to bed and fell asleep that the toothfairy heard Palmer get up and go to the bathroom at around 3:30 am that she remembered to pay for the tooth. Whew...that would have been pretty bad.

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