Wish List

One of the best ways I have found to get past my issues with turning the big 3-0 is to focus on something much more fun...such as what I want for my birthday. Let's call it a wish list since somethings will probably have to wait until hubs is making more moolah but a girl can dream right? I left some of the most obvious things off the list (aka a house, washer and dryer, etc). So in no particular order here are some of the things I want.

Who doesn't need a good new pair of jeans? I have two pairs of jeans that fit and that I like. As a work from home mom I am finding that I need at least one more pair to get me through the week until laundry gets done. I found these that I love at the Buckle from BKE. Mostly I like them because they are one of the few pairs that I have found that come short enough but I can still breath in.

As a mom of three kids I have found that there is never a time I don't need two hands. I see lots of other mom's wearing these key fobs and have decided that this is a must on my list. If you do a search on etsy you can find a ton of them and the usually run between $5-$10.

A new warm jacket. Not a really heavy jacket as I have one of those and not a really dressy jacket as I love my dressy coat. Just something warm for the fall/spring weather for everyday.

Of course now that I am frequenting the gym and I have to look good going. I am noticing that sweats and a t-shirt are not cutting it in my spin class. In fact one time wearing a t-shirt and I realized that I was going to die from sweating even more than normal. So of course cute workout clothes are a must. *Note- I don't like pants because they are ALWAYS too long. Capris are just right.

This next one is for my dear loving husband :) We desperately need a new camera. Ours is junk...no seriously it is ready for the trash. Our shutters stick so if you don't remember to open it you get little dark corners. I trust my husband to research and find out which type of camera will best suit our needs but we are not going super cheap again.

I am wanting a cute coffee tumbler. Not a mug, not a travel mug...a tumbler. One with a vacuum top for no spills. I prefer color over black or stainless steel.

My last watch died. I don't care if it is more of a sports watch for everyday or something more dressy. Either way it needs to have some water resistance as I sometimes forget to take it off before doing the dishes.
Also one for the hubs that may not happen this year but maybe for Christmas. I want an electronic reader. I don't really care if it is the Kindle or the Nook. Along with it a cover and maybe a gift care too. I've been good I promise.
Working from home has offered me the opportunity to wear a lot more casual clothes than I have since college. My new favorite store to shop in is Old Navy. So for anyone who wants to get a gift card...this would be the place to do so.

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