One Step Closer

Bret got a contract in the mail this week from the place we are most likely going to end up at. It is very exciting yet very overwhelming at the same time. Although there were no deal breakers in the contract there were some unexpected sections of wording that we are working on. We have sent the contract to a lawyer here and one close to the hospital we are considering.

I just want it to be done. I want to sign the contract and have them send us a check so we can start seriously house hunting, pay off debt, and start planning our move. We are so close yet it still feels we are not quite there. Our lawyers will review and make a revised contract. Their lawyers will review it and draft a new contract that the board will have to review and then they send it back. Besides the $200+ we spend per hour on our lawyer fees we worry that the process will drag on and on. On the other hand we have heard so many horror stories from the different former residents and current attendings that we are not going into this blindly and are doing everything the right way to protect ourselves. Life continues as usual and we work to keep the stress at bay. We have faith that everything will work itself out the way it needs to.

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