I love Christmas. I am one of those very annoying people who would have their Christmas tree and decorations up NOW if it weren't for my husband. Instead we wait until the day after Thanksgiving.

I love everything about this holiday. I love the count down of advent, shopping, baking, giving gifts, shopping, Christmas cards, the lights, snow, stockings, music, Santa, decorating the tree, wrapping presents, good food, family, and friends. I LOVE IT ALL.

Bret not so much.

I mentioned it to him the other day. He said "I don't hate Christmas I just don't like it as much as you do". My response was that he would never make me hate Christmas. He laughed and said that he would never want to do that. Which I told him was pretty funny since he tries. I then reminded him that last year when I was less than two weeks from having his third baby I went with him to buy MY Christmas presents and then wrapped them myself so the kids didn't think something weird was up.

It doesn't matter. I have three amazing kids that love Christmas too. They will inherit my love for all things Christmas and gladly do the Christmas things I love. We will drag Bret with us. He doesn't complain too much and has promised to do better this year. I think he realized that he not only was not participating but lessening our joy as well.

This year for the first time I have been working on making some homemade gifts. I love to do crafty things and this year I have been making a point to make gifts for my family and friends. I started by giving kids of our friends handmade birthday gifts and baby shower gifts that I made as well. This has gone over so well and I love doing it that I think it will be a lot of fun.

So I will continue to make my Christmas check lists and listen to my Christmas music secretly while Bret is at work...at least until Thanksgiving.

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