Tooth Fairy on Probation

Emily lost one of her top front teeth this week. It was late in the evening just before bed and for once it wasn't a big drama ordeal. Bret and I have been dragging ass this week trying to catch our breath with all the things we have been going on so we were in bed and passed out by 10pm.

Sometime in the wee early hours the next morning (about 5:30 am) I was awoken to a teary voice saying "mom, the tooth fairy didn't come". CRAP.

So Bret and I without missing a beat both told Emily that it was still really really early and that she is probably still working, had a bunch of teeth to pick up, and just hadn't stopped by our house yet. Emily seemed satisfied with our answers took her tooth fairy pillow back to bed and went into the living room to watch TV. I got out of bed and went to fix her breakfast while the tooth fairy took care of business.


Less than a half hour later Palmer woke up and checked Emily's pillow and came running in that the tooth fairy did in fact visit. Crisis averted.

The tooth fairy has been notified that they are on probation and that further delays or screw ups will result in termination and the heart breaking tears of a 6 year old that almost didn't sleep through the night with excitement just to think that maybe they did something wrong. Thank goodness for small and impressionable minds.

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