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For the third time in our lives Bret and I joined a gym. We are not very good at consistently going to the gym. Usually we get a membership and get all gung ho for the first week or two and then slowly but surly we trail off going. When we first moved here I stayed home with the kids because I couldn't find a job. Bret was working all the time and I didn't know anyone except two stay at home dads who were also married to residents. They went to the gym everyday sometimes twice a day for about two hours at a time.

The gym that they went to had an amazing kids zone. So amazing that they are booked months in advance with birthday parties. Between the kids begging to go play at the gym and the only friends that I had trying to talk me into going to a class with them it was more than even this lazy bum could bare. So I went..no really I WENT to the gym regularly. And I liked it. It gave me a break from the kids, they had fun, and I got used to what going to the gym feels like.

Believe me when I say that a gym for a non-gym person can be a very intimidating environment. I had never lifted weights before or taken a workout type class. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I had no idea what a squat was or a press or even a lunge. These were all very foreign words to me and I was terrified. But going with two muscle head dads in the middle of the day (when it was pretty empty) helped me figure it out.

Then I started working full time and we let our membership go. Add another kid and there was never anytime to breathe let alone go to the gym. Now that I am working from home part time and the awesome weight that I dropped from nursing/chasing three kids is starting to creep back on and I decided we needed a change.

The gym we were at before was quite a ways away and it was expensive. Several friends took up a closer gyms special this month and it was enough to motivate us. Sort of.

I am ashamed to say that although we joined said gym on Tuesday neither one of us has yet to make it there since. Not once.

Epic fail. Who joins a gym and then doesn't even go the first few days? That would be us.

It doesn't matter that Logan has had ear infections in both ears or that Bret has been on call. There have still been moments during the past two days when I have told myself..you should go. Just go. GO TO THE GYM.

Here's hoping that since the gung ho attitude of the first few days have yet to hit we will start a new tradition of continuing to go instead.

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randi said...

:) Your post made me smile. Life is busy and full, but working out is important. I was on a roll early this summer, but it faded as the summer continued. I'm hoping to pick it back up but there's always excuses.