9 months

Logan Blaine Heskett,

Today you are nine months old. I don't remember a nine month period that has ever gone faster in my life than the past nine months. I am thankful over and over again that I have been so blessed to be able to spend them working from home with you.

You are a champion eater. You eat everything in site. There is not a single item of food that I have put in front of you that you have refused to eat. You may at times give me a funny face but that mouth of yours opens as soon as you swallow looking for more no matter what it is. We joke because even your father can feed you without making a mess your target is so easy to it. You enjoy eating so much that for your brother and sister getting to give you something to eat is a treat for them. The arguments about who is going to give some more cereal is big business in this house.

You are mobile. Faster than mommy had hoped you would be at this point. Although you are not yet pulling up to standing I can tell from how often you get to your knees that it is not long. Your crawling is not the traditional sort. You crawl on your belly and use your legs to boost you forward and your arms to pull. I think it is because you don't like to support your weight on your right hand but it makes no difference. You get where you want to go in no time.

Your recent mobility has proven to be most unfavorable by your siblings. Their room used to be off limits and now this is no longer. None of us are used to having shut doors but now with your interest in the bathroom and their room we are learning new habits.

Emily and Palmer still adore you. Emily loves to play with you and is saddened that you no longer want to sit still long enough for her to hold you. Palmer still plays rougher with you than I think is OK but you let him know when you have had enough. Although pulling hair is not OK I realize this is your one defense to keep them from getting so close to your face.

You and your dad are buds. It doesn't matter what you are in the middle of when you hear daddy's voice your head is looking in every direction trying to find him. Mommy learned the hard way that modesty while nursing you under a blanket is not going to happen when daddy is talking because you must see him. When he holds you you look at him with such awe. Your hands are always touching his face. His nose, whiskers, and mouth are such amazement's for you. He can always keep you quiet during church just holding you because you can look at his face the entire time.

To most people you are quiet. Not a big cryer or squealer when you talk it is with purpose and is serious business. You talk to yourself in your crib most often. The other day dad was home post call and I went out to run errands. I was concerned when I got home because you were still "sleeping" and it had been 4 hours. Dad's reply is that you had been awake for a while but where so busy talking and laughing at who knows what that he left you in your bed with the toys in there. I don't know many kids that are that easy going. I love to hear you say mama. Most of the time it is because you are upset, wanting to nurse, or get out of your crib but it still makes my heart sing.

As the third child it is mandatory that you be easy going and you comply readily. You never fuse about being dragged to the bus stop twice a day (sometimes in the rain), to pick up/drop off brother at school, to soccer games/practices, grocery shopping, or even to work with me to pick up mail.

If your belly is full, diaper is clean, and naps taken you are always happy. Even our nights have been great. Grandma once said that if we keep having easy babies like you we may never stop. She may be right.

We can't imagine our family without you.



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