Remember how I told you that we had not yet gone to the gym? Well on Saturday we both went..separately. It was good.

One of the things that I have always wanted to try was a spin class. I am one of those people that if I am going to take the time and effort to go to the gym I want to make it count. I always crack up at the people who walk on the treadmill never breaking a sweat while they read a magazine. I don't get it.

So of course when I heard that you can burn 800 calories in a one hour class I was sold. I knew it was going to be tough but my cardio is in OK shape so I figured I could survive.

People I am not going to lie. In class they start you out with a warm up and then we "climb the mountain". Once we got back down the mountain I thought...dang that was really really hard but I did it. It was only then did I realize this was our one minute break and that the second half of the class would then start. Wait..what? You mean were not done? It's not over? We still have a 20+ minutes left? I almost wanted to start crying although I had no fluids left in that had not yet been sweated out at this point so there was no way that was going to happen either.

So I hung in there. I am a sweater and I turn so bright red that for hours after people think something is wrong with me. I have never in my life sweat as much as I did in that class. It was by far the hardest class I have ever taken but I never felt like I was going to pass out or throw up. In the workout book of Adriana I can't do things that make me feel like I am going to pass out or throw up. So when the class was really over it was such an amazing feeling. The accomplishment felt so good and it was done. I could go grab the kids from the daycare room and leave knowing that I got a great work out in. I am still sore today. Those seats are awful and for short people it feels like you are constantly racking yourself when you do the lifts but I found a cushion for next week. Tonight one of the girls I know and I are going to try a Zumba class. I popped into one the other day and am not sure that I am going to really like this at all but I am up to try anything once.

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I am Laura said...

good for you. I need to get back on the getting in shape bandwagon. I too turn beet red for hours after a good workout. Not always the best side effect.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. What part of PA are you in? I am in Pittsburgh.