Celebrating Fall

When Bret and I became parents it was really important to us to start our own traditions and continue some that each of our families had too.

One that has become our own is celebrating fall. Since Emily was a year old each year we pick a Saturday and head to a local farm/orchard/nursery and pick pumpkins. We pick a place that has hayrack rides and other fun outdoor activities too. It is such a fun and relaxing day for all of us to be outside playing together.

This year was no different. We picked pumpkins, rode the hayrack ride, played in the various activities, enjoyed the petting zoo, drank apple cider, and devoured pumpkin whoopie pies. Also this year for the first time we went through a very large corn maze.

Bret and I both agreed that neither of us wanted to ever get "lost for real" with Emily. The first loop we went through went to a dead end and then the panic ensued. "We are never going to get out of here" and "I just want to be done" were repeated along with several other mentions about being stuck forever. She hung in there but we laughed pretty hard when we finally found the exit and she just collapsed no posing involved. Bret and Palmer liked the idea and joined her as well.

It was a great fun day that we will remember always.

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