A first of many

Emily had her first soccer game a few weeks ago. It was raining but not hard enough or with lightening so it was not canceled.

The game went fine. Emily paid attention the entire time and was almost never side tracked which was very important to her father. She had a lot of fun which was important to me. This past weekend she had her second game and we could tell that the practice we have been doing in the yard has paid off a lot. Overall soccer went very well.

It was during the second half of Emily's first game that Bret and I realized something very important. This was our very first game of our child's. As we sat there in the ran yelling for Emily to get the ball and to get ready we realized that this was the first of many. Potentially we could be going to games and practices and cheering on our children at one event or another for the next 20 years. 20 YEARS. It was very surreal. 20 years from now (or whenever) I know that both Bret and I will remember that first rainy game and wonder how it all went so fast. In the meantime we are wondering how we will survive it all.

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