Dinner Guests

There are three OB/GYN residents that moved into the Delta apartments this year. All three are young single women. We love them and they have all become members of our family. The other guy in my husband's class also lives in our apartment complex, is single, and is a regular at our house.

When I cook a lot of times I cook for a family. With small children that means there is usually more than enough. Bret and I have always felt comfortable with people over. Even when we lived in KS we had neighbors over for dinner not to mention the extra house guest we usually had staying with us too.

Personally I love having the guests over because they are so thankful and appreciate a home cooked meal. Nothing against my husband but he doesn't gush. I could slave for an entire day or pop something in the microwave and it usually the same "thanks for dinner...it was good" reply. On one this is nice because he never complains. Ever. No matter how bad or if it is not his favorite he eats it and says thank you. I, on the other hand, love a compliment. Nothing makes me happier than someone telling me how good something I made is. I have even tried making some of his favorite foods even if it is something I don't really like. Still nothing.

So I feed other people instead.

One of the first nights that one of the girls came over for dinner she was running late for her nights shift so she started eating as soon as she sat down. Emily was quite appalled. Emily quickly informed our guest that we don't eat until we have prayed. Our guest apologized and tried to explain that she was in a hurry.

A few days later same guest's mom was in town and stopped by to ask me for directions somewhere. Emily asked her if she was said guest's mom. When the mom confirmed Emily said "I have to tell you something....Jessie eat before we prayed." I was dumbfounded.

The mom replied to Emily "Emily I will be sure to speak to her about this". Later that day mom said to Jessie "Jessie I raised you better than that". Jessie had no idea what she was even talking about when her mom told her about the conversation with Emily. Everyone is pretty clear now on the fact that we don't eat before praying in our house.

The other thing that is taking some time getting used to is one of our friends is Muslim and doesn't eat pork. Normally I do a good job of monitoring this but once I forgot that I threw in bacon bits into a spinach salad that we were going to eat. As his fork almost went to his mouth I yelled to stop him as it reminded me. Whew that was close (according to his belief that because it would have been unintentional on his part he would not have been damned to hell but still too close for me). LOL. We are just one big happy family.

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