Job Interview

We are in the midst of getting plans together for Bret's first job interview. The first big step was to book plane tickets. We had to foot the bill ourselves and then they will reimburse us. The place Bret is interviewing is 3 hours from the closets airport. While their town has a small airport commuter flights from the bigger airports are really really expensive. Our plane tickets alone are going to cost close to $1700. Yikes!

This is the place we went and looked at while on our family vacation a month ago. Bret loved it. He loved the town, he loved the docs, the hospital. He is sold. The money is good, everyone was friendly, and I like the town. So what is my hold up.

There are a few things really.

The first is that this is not where I saw us. I loved the town we used to live in. It was a bigger city that what first wanted but I thought he would come around. Our friends live there, my sister lives there...it was our first real home. I like the town. Bret doesn't like the hospitals and there isn't really a practice there that he is interested in joining. He promised that he would look at it. He promised that he would give it a chance before really deciding no. He promised that he would talk to the practice that is hiring. He still might but it doesn't matter. Bret says he doesn't want to work with residents and after a lot of arguing he finally admitted that it has a lot to do with his ego. They didn't take him as one of their top four for residency and now he doesn't want to go back there. He would feel behind since most of the other docs did their residency there. It is a mute point. I don't want him to practice somewhere he doesn't want to be. I still feel like I am mourning what I had hoped for for a long time. Goodbye Wichita, KS we will not be living there anytime soon. *tear*

Once we move past the place that I really wanted to move then we have to start looking at this place on it's own. It is a nice town, the people are really nice, there is plenty of shopping and places to eat. The schools are good. Good not great. There is one high school and it is huge. Although we are several years from having a high schooler it still kind of bothers me how big the high school is. Who knows by the time our kids are that age they may have a new one built. As a whole the town is OK...maybe even better than OK. Except the location. It is in the southwest corner of the state and a long, long ways from anything. The closest big city is either Denver or Wichita and that is over 3 hours away. It is about 6 hours from where my dad lives. The only good thing is that there is a passenger train that runs through town that can get my dad to and from the town.

My goal with this trip is to be open minded. I have moved past my frustrations with Wichita. I know my husband better than anyone and he is so stubborn. They have been recruiting him really hard to this town and he loves that. Once he makes up his mind it is really really hard to get him to think about anything else fairly. This town could very well be home so I plan to make the best of it. I will focus on the things that make me happy....looking at houses, meeting people, and checking out the town.

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