Since I started working from home I have noticed that I tend to graze more than ever before. I try and eat breakfast lunch and dinner but most of the time I still need a snack or two (or three or four) to get me through the day.

A few of the regulars are hummus and pita bread, cheese, fruit, etc. However there is one snack that is above and beyond my favorite.

I have never been much of a trail mix girl. My kids and husband love trail mix and I make it myself most often. I don't know what it is about it but it never sounds very appealing to me when I look for something to eat. Then last January MIL bought me the mix I instantly fell in love with. I also have to note that I have never been an almond person either. That has all changed.

It's called Bar Harbor Blend by back to Nature. It has dried cranberries, dark chocolate covered almonds, and a light vanilla candy coated almond. That's it. Although it has sugar in it it also has lots of protein, potassium, no sodium, no cholesterol, and only a gram of saturated fat. Not too bad for a snack. I wouldn't care it if it did have a ton of calories because it tastes awesome.

So here it the crappy part. When MIL bought the mix it was on a clearance sale and she got a heck of a deal. When I went to buy it again I found out just how good of a deal she got. It's kind of expensive. Especially for a snack. So instead of being a regular in my house it is now a treasured treat. I keep a stash of it in the freezer (yeah I know that sounds weird but really it makes it even more tasty) and I hoard it.

One of the things about being a mom (and a wife) that I have had a hard time getting used to is that fact that nothing has ever been mine again. I love my kids but sometimes mommy just doesn't want to share her chocolate and that is just something they don't seem to understand. Then I feel bad and give them a bite anyway.

So as bad as it sounds I wait until the kids are down for their nap/quiet time and I sneak just a handful of my favorite snack for that afternoon pick me up.

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