Heavy Hearts

Bret and I have heavy hearts today. We recently found out that one of our closest friends (the best man in our wedding) has testicular cancer. We are awaiting the pathology results to find out whether or not he is going to have just radiation or radiation and chemotherapy. Basically we are waiting to find out whether or not it has spread.

Our friend was getting ready to start his first year of residency in general surgery. He has worked so hard to get to this point. We could only smile when he told Bret that is more pissed about the fact that he has to delay starting residency and worries about being behind than he is about the fact that he has cancer. He did not get into medical school right away. He worked really really hard and never gave up. He and Bret applied for medical school together the first year. It was a really hard obstacle in their friendship when Bret got in and he didn't because they were so competitive with each other. They have grown up a lot over the years but are still competitive with each other. (Bret may have gotten in first but he has totally out shined him since with his board scores, etc) He joined the navy to help pay some of his student loan debt and for the opportunity to travel and move around. He is currently residing on the opposite side of the country, San Diego, away from all of his family and close friends. It is such a tough road he has ahead of him and to haul it on his own. We think his mom might try and make a trip if needed but even then she can't afford to quit her job and move and he can't move home. It is just tough all around. We are brain storming some ideas of things to send to him and things to do that might help him but it is hard. We both feel very helpless. So we pray.

Just another little reminder that life is precious. Bret and I feel very blessed to have each other, to have our children, to the countless blessings that we have.

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