That's how I feel right now. Over the weekend I decided two things. The first was that I was tired of listening to Bret's alarm. While we are thankful that Logan is sleeping through the night he wakes up every morning ready to eat at 5 am sharp. Never a minute later but sometimes a little earlier. I figure since I'm very happy with the sleeping through the night I'm not going to argue with him about eating. He eats, I lay him down, and I go back to bed. Then at about 5:30 the alarm goes off. Again and again and again. Bret's alarm goes off every 10 minutes (damn you snooze) until 6:30 when I plan to get out of bed and Bret hurries out of bed into the shower before me because now he is late. I having just spent over an hour listening to his alarm go off and trying to get his butt out of bed am starting off my morning pretty crappy.

I have also not been doing a very good job getting in my run/workout done in the evenings. With summer winding down and it being so hot and Bret's work schedule the excuses have just been too easy. So this week we decided to try something different. We are both getting up at six. Bret is trying harder to start his mornings off better and not being late to work. I am getting up and working out. A few morning I have gone running and a few mornings I have been trying P90X. So far me getting out of bed with Bret has worked great for him. I do love not having to hear the alarm being snoozed. This is a big difference between Bret and I. IF I snooze the alarm it is once just enough time for me to wake up and get out of bed. Bret snoozes the alarm for over an hour and half the time he doesn't even realize he is doing it. Drives me nuts.

On the other hand I am not feeling better. Working out in the morning sucks. I have been sore all day and by late afternoon I am beat. Even though I have been going to bed at a very decent time I am still completely drained in the afternoon with little energy to keep me going through the evening. I'm not sure how to make it better. It is such a great idea to get your day started by working out. I want to feel energized and healthy. Not sore, tired, and bleh.

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LegalMist said...

Are there other things you could do in the morning so you'd have time for your usual evening workouts and still be able to get to bed on time? Laundry, picking up around the house, or other household tasks you usually do at night, for example? Vacuuming the master bedroom comes to mind, and might solve that alarm clock problem, besides. :D