End of Summer

School starts in just over two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Where did this summer go? We have had one of the best summers ever. Nothing crazy exciting, no big vacations, no major events...just summer.

We have spent the last few months going to the park, swimming almost everyday, going to the zoo, picking fresh fruit, going for walks, riding bikes, grilling, eat fresh produce like crazy, going to theme parks, and loving every minute of it. I love working from home. Sometimes it gets crazy stressful but overall the joy of being able to take my kids to the pool, or the library, or on walks everyday makes it so worth it.

To end our summer we are making a trip back to KS. As per usual every minute of our trip is mapped out with family and friends to see. My sister is having a baby and I feel like I have been holding my breath for the last few weeks praying that she hangs in there until right before I get there. Her due date is the day we are leaving. She can have the baby anytime after tomorrow and that will be fine with me...I will know then for sure that the baby won't be older than a week before I get to hold him.

Emily and Palmer are super excited for school to start. More so Emily than Palmer. I don't think Palmer has fully grasped that they are not going to school together (not even the same school). Those two are attached at the hip and Palmer relies on Emily. It will be good for him to have his own school and friends although I think it will be hard at first. I think he is also worried that by "school" I mean back to daycare full time. For some reason the last few weeks when I leave him with a babysitter for just a few hours at a time he gets upset and starts to cry. He sits in my lap and tells me he loves me. He is such a softy sometimes that it really takes me off guard (cause usually he is very ornery, stubborn, and drives me nuts). I am hoping that the first few days will just be a little rough cause I know once he gets used to it (and realizes that I am coming back for him) he will love it. Emily is most excited to ride the bus. She is excited about meeting new friends and basically having a social life again. Bret and I hope she learns a few things too.

Bret and I are doing great too. We are reading this book given to us by one of the doctor's wives called "The Medical Marriage". Not because we feel that right now we need it but because we think it has a lot to offer and we hope to keep from getting to the point where we might need it. We have been learning a lot. One of the sentences that I read really hit home for me. It said "struggling becomes a way of life even when there is no reason to struggle". Things are so hard and stressful sometimes (OK a lot of the time) that we kind of look at each other right now when things are really good and think wow this is an odd feeling. It is really hard not to worry about when it isn't going to be so good but to just enjoy the now. Reading this book if nothing else has been reassuring that it's not our imagination...medical school, residency, and even after that is all done is really hard on marriages. Some things we do really right and something we can really work on.

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