Coming up for air

The past two weeks have just flown by. We went to KS for a week and it was great. Bret and I are convinced that going back to KS is not really a vacation. It is a time to run around trying to see everyone and then run back to PA.

There was a new little one that was the main reason for our trip back that I would like to introduce you to...

Please meet Greyson, my first nephew. He is perfect and we can't get enough of him. We miss him so much already. Palmer tells everyone he sees (especially anyone with a baby) that he has a cousin and his name is Greyson. Although having a new little one to spoil is awesome it pales in comparison to the joy of seeing my sister become a mother for the first time.

Because our trip wasn't full enough (ha) Bret and I decided to check out a town that is a possible job opportunity. We spent an entire day at the "informal" interview and are already working with the recruiter to set up our official interview to take place in October. My thoughts and feelings about our job search are still working themselves out but be sure that there is a lot to blog about.

We got a screw in one of our tires on the way home (one of the four brand new tires put on the truck less the day before we left for our trip). Between the timing of our very long drive, the tire, and the stress of trying to talk about the interview when neither of us had much time to digest it all, the exhaustion of our trip, and the fact that we were stuck in the truck together for an obscene number of hours it was the hardest trip back from KS we had ever had.

When we returned from KS the kids started school that very week. Emily was off to kindergarten and Palmer off to preschool. Both love it and are still getting used to our new routines. We all needed this long weekend just to get caught up.

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