Power of Grandkids

When it comes to computers and the internet our parents range from "can hold their own" to "takes an hour to send an email while on the phone with their child walking through it step by step". However with our move to PA with the only set of grandkids all parties were quickly motivated to get more familiar with the computer and all it's magic.

Specifically our parents are now savy users of Skype. Skype has been amazing for keeping the kids in contact with their grandparents. There is just something about seeing the person you are talking to, showing each other things, and being able to feel a closer connection than phone could ever offer. Showing Halloween costumes, birthday presents, etc helps the kids feel like they are really visiting with their grandparents. The night Emily lost her first tooth she "called" each set of grandparents on the computer so that she could show them the hole left and talk all about what happened. It was so great to see her excitement shared with people she loves most.

My mom happened to be here one time when the kids were visiting with Bret's parents and she decided right then and there that even though she had no clue to really use a computer (nor did she have one or internet access) that she needed to make this happen. My sister had a laptop that wasn't being used that she gave her as well as a camera for Mother's day and my brother got internet hooked up. Bret spent 1 hour and 36 minutes on the phone with mom installing skype and getting her set to use the camera that my brother hooked up for her. The first time we used it was such a cool feeling my mom bawled so hard she could barely talk.

When the kids are this little they change so much everyday. Picture and phone calls just don't always show the new little quirks or personality developments. Having the chance to see and talk to them has brought us all so much closer even though we are all still so far apart. Now we just need our siblings to get on the band wagon.

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