6 months

Dear Logan,

You are six months old! I can honestly say that I don't remember a six month period in my life that went so fast. Seems like yesterday I was hoping that you would come on your own. You were in no hurry and content just where you were. Not much has changed. You are such a good and easy baby.

You love hanging out where everyone else is although you don't need any attention. Whether you are bouncing in your exersaucer, sitting in your high chair, laying on the floor, or chillin in your float at the pool you are always so happy. You love watching other people and you hand out your awesome toothless grins to everyone you see.

I love to watch you play with your toys...you are so serious.

There is no sweeter sound then hearing your belly laugh. Mom and dad have to work pretty hard to get you laughing and we never seem to manage to make you laugh as hard as your brother and sister. They can just laugh and you laugh or fight and you laugh or just be silly. I love that you love them both so much already.

Emily is like your mini-mom. She loves to hold, feed, and play with you. You can count on Emily to get your pacifier, toy, or me when you need it. I love to listen to her tell people about your hand. She is so nonchalant and matter of fact. You have a lucky hand that is different but it doesn't matter cause you can anything anyone else can.

Palmer is your protector. He hates it when you cry even for a second. Doesn't matter if I am in the shower or middle of cooking dinner I must immediately run when you are crying. Palmer loves to make you laugh and has spent hours just being silly so you will smile at him. He always refers to you as "my Logan".

You are by far my biggest baby. I am anxious to see how much you weigh at your appointment this week. I know that you are almost out of 9 month clothes which has forced me to purchase you more new clothes than I had planned (hand me downs are great).

It is hard to believe that in the next six months you are going to start crawling and maybe walking. You are joy to us all and sometimes it is hard to even remember a time when you weren't here.



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