Hail to the Cheif

One of the resident's traditions is for the incoming chiefs to say something about each of the graduating chiefs and give them a small gift. Then the outgoing chiefs say something about each of the incoming chiefs and give them a small gift. The gifts are usually a combination of something that pokes fun and something that they would enjoy.

As an incoming chief Bret got to participate in the graduation tradition this year. He was on call for graduation so unfortunately he had to rush to the hospital for an emergency right before they gave their little speech about him. They did a great job and tagged him perfectly.

They called him the chief that has been ready to be a chief since his intern year. Their gifts for him were a fun plush crown hat, a large goblet with "big daddy" on it, a pin with his picture and Dr. Incredible name, and of course a cigar. It was perfect for him.

Graduation this year was a little surreal. We have finally started our last and final year of residency. The past three years have been tough but went very quickly. We know that this year is going to go so fast too but that doesn't mean we aren't so excited either. There is so much that is going to happen this year such as finding a job, buying a house, moving, etc, etc.

Graduation felt sort of like the starting point of our last year here. It kind of felt like the moment you start on a big roller coaster ride. You know it is going to be awesome, you know that it will go fast, you want to be sure to enjoy it, and you hope that you don't get sick.

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