Fluttering By

Emily's 6th birthday is just around the corner. As is our tradition she has decided on the theme for this year....butterflies.

I can't believe she is going to be 6. Where does the time go? Each year seems to go faster and faster. With so many things going on this year I am sure it will go even faster.

So far for her birthday she has made many declarations...I mean requests. She wanted to have their faces painted like butterflies. So I bought a face painting kit and have been practicing. My butterflies aren't too bad and my spiderman's are getting much better also. It amazes me how much kids love to have their face painted. This is an easy activity that I can do while the kids are painting their butterfly pots to take home.

Other activities this year are making butterfly bracelets, a couple games, yummy food, and of course the cake. Emily and I are avid fans of the cake boss. I also just finished taking a fondant and gum paste cake decorating class. These two things combined and Emily has begged and pleaded with me to make a three tired cake with butterflies on it. It's a little intimidating but I am excited to try it too. At least my audience are pretty forgiving. We are still talking about adding a few things to her birthday. We feel a little guilty about how much we spent on Palmer's last birthday but it doesn't seem to matter to Emily. She is just excited that her birthday is almost here.

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