Prayers for Princess'

There is an organization here in town called Lifeline. Essentially what they do is offer a place for women who are not sure what they want to do with their pregnancy. The woman are usually contemplating abortion. It is ran by the Catholic charities and gives free 3D sonograms and prenatal visits and adoption information. The idea is that women who see their babies on a 3D sonogram are much much less likely to go through with abortion. They also offer support to women who decide to keep the baby and need additional support. Bret and I support this organization because we feel it is important for women to have a strong option to save a life.

Bret does free sonograms for Lifeline and I work with the office and fund raising part of the organization. One of my favorite things that the organization does is the prayers for princess' emails. Anyone can sign up to receive the prayer emails. When a mother visits the center one of the staff members sends out an email with a brief synopsis (anonymously) of the mom that visited and asks all of us to say a prayer for the mother and her baby. I love this because we get these emails randomly and it only takes a moment to say a prayer. I am a big believer in the power of prayer and I love the simple way that we are sending love and prayers to a person who desperately needs it. I have decided to post these request for prayers on my blog as I receive them. Here is the one that I got today (US stands for ultrasound).

Please pray for Princess N who is due to return for US tomorrow. Contemplating abortion. Has several children. Working and going to school also. God Bless,Helene

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