Thank You Notes

The other day I was looking for something and I stumbled across one of my most treasured items. My grandmother was infamous with her thank you notes. She would send a thank you note for everything. I kept them all. She sent me a thank you note for bringing her a hamburger for lunch one day. For all of the birthday, Valentine, Grandparents, and Christmas gifts. When I started saving them all those years ago I am not sure I really knew then why I wanted to hang on to them except that I loved them. She wrote her cards like she was talking to you. She asked about my kids and Bret. She would tell me what they had for dinner and that she wore the sweater I got her that previous Sunday when she went to my aunt's for dinner to get out of the house for a while. She would mention that she was getting settled in her new apartment and at her relief for the move being over. She would talk about how cute the last picture I sent her of my kids were and that she has shown it off to other "grandmas" and how many compliments she had gotten. She would tell me that it snow recently and that she was ready for spring or how pretty it looked out her window. She told me how much she loved me and my family and that she missed us all. My grandmother also had very distinct handwritting that I loved. Her cursive to others would be difficult a best to read. I have been reading it for so long it takes no effort at all.

Now that she is gone when I read her thank yous it's like I can hear her voice. I miss her terribly. Reading her thank you cards brings her back just a little.

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Katie said...

You need to start putting disclaimer on grandma posts for me.... I need notice so I'm ready when I read them :) Silly hormones