What is it to be a mom?

I have never been very good at describing things. If someone asked me what chocolate tasted like I would have no idea what to say. I would probably just stare at them and feel really sorry for them that they had no idea. Since chocolate is my favorite I could probably describe it by saying it's awesome, amazing, and addicting but you still would have no idea what chocolate tasted like...just that it was really really good.

Bret and I were the first of all of our friends and family members our age to have a baby. As the ones closest to us are getting closer to the point (either pregnant or plan to be pregnant or adopt) it is over joying to me to know that they are going to experience this for themselves.

I believe that the moment you find out you are pregnant you become a mom and things start then to change. I am so thrilled that the women closest to me in life are either in the midst of this journey or getting close to starting it. Not just because I am ready for nieces, nephews, or new cousins (although I am). Mostly because being a mom is such an awesome and amazing experience that I would hate for them to miss this. There are no words that can fully describe to someone what it is like to become a mom. It is something you must experience for yourself.

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