This week is national nurses' week. Nurses are obviously a big part of Bret's everyday life. He would be the first to admit that his job wouldn't be possible without nurses. There are nurses that he loves and some that he doesn't love but at the end of the day they still have to figure out how to work together.

I think nurses are great and play such an important role. Having Logan was the first time that I was in a situation where the nurses taking care of me really knew my husband. I have talked before about "work family" and I could see how well they all really knew each other. The nurses that took care of me were amazing. The girl who was in the operating room held me tight while the doctor put in my spinal, she was in the room when Bret first told me that Logan's hand was different and I saw her tears in her eyes as she smiled at me to help me accept that everything was fine. She was patient, kind, caring, and gentle. The poor nurse that helped me in recovery was so patient as she did everything she could to help me quit vomiting for what seemed like all night.

Nursing is a job that I could never do. Besides my weak stomach it takes a special kind of person. They are there when people are at their best and their worst during their happiest time and their saddest, when they are born and when they die.

Be sure to thank your nurse and any other nurses you may know.

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