Missed Spots

So I tried something new yesterday that I have never done before. I used a self tanner. In case you didn't know this I am a pasty pasty white girl. There is not a speck of color in my skin tone. There never has been and never will be. I am forever doomed to have milky white skin.

The sun has never been my friend. I burn if I go out to hang out clothes for 15 minutes with no hat or sunscreen. Oh how I have always longed to have that (seemingly) healthy glow of a sun kissed skin. Mine has always been pink or white (and a few times red). When I was getting married I tanned three times a week for 3 months and was still the whitest person in my wedding by at least a few shades and it was by far the tannest I have been in my life.

I admit that I was a tanning bed fan for the longest time. Then a few years ago someone very close to me was diagnosed with melanoma and she was barely in her 30s. That was the wake up call I needed. White skin is better than cancer.

So this year instead of longing for the ultra tan I decided to try something new. Afraid of the orange stained hands I bought a spray. I read the instructions carefully and just went for it. I was pretty proud of myself I must say as it turned out not too bad. At first I couldn't tell any difference but then in a few hours it looked great....except a few things.

First...don't forget to spray your feet. My ankles look like a terrible sock line since I didn't remember to blend into my feet.

Second...stay away from the knees...actually you should still spray your knees but be careful otherwise it looks funny.

Most importantly make sure you cover all areas evenly. It wasn't until several hours after I finished spraying and it all dried did I notice that there were some blatant spots on my legs and arms that were missed. We don't have a full sized mirror so I may have to enlist my husband for my second coat to be sure that those hard to reach areas (back of arms) are covered. Hopefully I will have this figured out before I put on a bathing suit this weekend in Atlantic city.

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randi said...

how did it work out? I've never used a spray one, but I've also had no luck with tanning salons.