It's been just over a month since I started working from home. I'm not sure it has gotten any easier yet. My day starts around 7 am and ends about 11:30pm....sort of. My 14 week old baby still eats every 3 hours. I feed him around 11 at night before I go to bed then again at around 2:30 and then again at 5ish. So much for a restful night. All three of the kids have colds. For Logan that means he sometimes get frustrated while eating or sleeping because he can't breath. Bret sarcastically told me that I need to bulb his nose out. I politely reminded him that during the middle of the night feedings Logan is lucky that I can find him and get him into bed with me and that we both fumble to get him latched on because neither of us have our eyes open we are both so exhausted.

My mantra is that this will get better..hopefully sooner than later.

I love being home with the kids and I love my job. The problem is that in order to get everything done in the day I go 90mph all day long. If I'm not returning phone calls, answering emails, running to work for a meeting, trying to spend time working on a report, or some thing else for work I am getting kids dressed/fed/wiped/diaper changed/nursed/and or entertained. Not to mention trying to get dinner on the table, the house picked up, or laundry kept up.

I am tired just typing all of it.

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