Recently a couple friends and I have started walking twice a week in the evenings. We have been walking about 3 miles and although I knew it was going to be "good" for me I had no idea how good it would be.

Almost all of us are moms. All of us are either residents or married to a resident. This time away from our kids and husbands leaves me refreshed. We all have a lot of stress in our lives and being able to talk it out with girlfriends while walking in the cool air feels so good.

I always read those emails that talked about how important it is to have friends...girl friends. I agree. Sometimes just knowing that someone else is dealing with some of the same issues that I am makes me feel so much better. It also makes me feel good to know that Bret and I have crossed some of the bridges that our friends are on now and to be able to assure them that there is another side. One of the friends is a resident and her husband stays home with their child. We both learn a lot from each other as to how our partners feel. She the guilt of working all the time and that her spouse is really unhappy in this area and although he enjoys taking care of their child he is really frustrated about not finding the right job. I understand more about Bret's job and what all is going on at work and how he feels. Cause you know how guys are..they don't talk about their "feelings". LOL

When we get back from our walk we all feel lighter. It feels good to exercise and do something good for yourself but it also helps mentally. It helps to get things out that you have been thinking or feeling. Women are amazing in their ability to listen to and nurture each other.

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I need to do this too