Not worth the savings

Generic brand diapers that is. With every kid (sometimes more than once) I convince myself to give generic diapers a go. They are usually priced so much lower than the brand names I think to myself "they can't be that much different or worse". Then I bring them home and put them on the kid and everytime we end up with blow outs and leaks.

My usual go to brand of diapers is Luvs. Pampers and Huggies are usually priced higher than Luvs and I have never had any problems with them. I forget how much I like them after a week of generics with lots of messes. This last time I decided to give them a go because I had gone to two different stores and both were out of Luvs size 2. Not wanting to spend the extra money on Pampers or Huggies I decided to go with the off brand. Bad idea.

No matter what I do we still have leaks that soak Logan and even a couple of poopy diapers that leaked all over his clothes, his bed, me, etc, etc. This all went to assure me once again that there is a reason generics cost what they do.

So I decided to try something new the other. I went to diapers.com for the first time ever. I had seen the coupons in some of my parenting magazine and knew that I had had a hard time finding what I needed at the store. It worked perfect. I was able to order a gigantic box of diapers for less than what I would have paid at the store, I got $5 off for ordering for the first time, and because I bought wipes too and spent $49 I got free shipping. Diapers and wipes were at my doorstep two days after I ordered.

Coming from KS and having some experience with remote areas that don't have a Walmart or Giant anywhere nearby...diapers.com would be perfect. So a few days after receiving my order I got an email from diapers.com. It was a referral offer. For every new order that enters my referral code both me and the new customer gets $10 off the order. Nice huh? I totally suggest if you have a young one in diapers that you look into it. If you do decide to order be sure to enter my referral code to get the $10 off: ADRI1100

They have all kinds of things besides diapers too. They have cloth diapering supplies, wipes, toys, nursery gear, teething stuff, toys, and feeding stuff for toddlers. If for no other reason I will be ordering again because it doesn't cost me any more than going to the store and having it dropped off at my front door in just a couple days is so worth it.


Up Rooted said...

I use Alice.com to do my Target/Walmart shopping. I spend less money and it takes less time to get what I need. Now my weekends are free. I will keep diapers.com in mind for when we have kids....someday.

RosieSmrtiePants said...

I can't even imagine. My sister and I were both allergic to the disposable diapers and my mom did washable ones. We spent the weekend a couple of weeks ago with Dr. Love's new nephew and I can't even IMAGINE the laundry that would take.

Was so good to see you in KS...maybe someday we will live closer!