The Magic Password is

It's my third day working part time from home after 8 weeks of maternity leave and things are going OK. I feel like I am completely starting over with my job. I had forgotten how many user ID's and passwords I had for everything and that not using them all daily for 8 weeks meant that they all needed to be reset so I could get logged in.

My laptop was supposed to be ready to be picked up but turned out they couldn't find it which resulted in a couple of unexpected trips to campus. Then once I did get my laptop it took at least an hour on the phone with IT support to get my remote access all up and running. I am only the second employee of the college to work from home. Needless to say this is a learning experience for everyone involved.

Part hormones and part stress I have been working very hard to not get overwhelmed. The kids have been amazing..thank goodness. I have had plenty of time to "work" it just that it doesn't feel like working since I am spending so much time just getting everything set up. It helps that this is a really slow time for financial aid so there isn't much pressing to get done at the moment. My goal for these first few weeks is get a routine going and to get in the practice of focusing. That is sometimes hard to do. I think this will work..I want this to work. I have lots of support both at home and work for this to work. I just need to have more patience that it takes time to get the kinks worked out. Looking forward to the weekend for the first time in a long time. It's not just another day any more.

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welcome to my world, mrs. heskett :D