Our little Pinocchio

We have a little Pinocchio in our home lately. It started with just telling people stories that were not true. She told my mom that I was pregnant with twins. She told her that it was one boy and one girl. She was so convincing my mom (against her own reasoning) called to ask me if it was true.

When I ask her to tell the truth she always admits that she was "just kidding". We have long talks about telling the truth and how important that it is but it is just not sinking in.

Just yesterday she lied to my face three times. The first was after kindergarten orientation. I asked her if she got to see the lunch room and she told me "yep, we ate lunch there. We had a sandwich, chips, and even a cookie". I quickly asked her if she was telling the truth and she admitted that no they did not eat there.

Later in the afternoon she came inside to wash her hands. I asked her what happened and she replied "I fell in the mud and got my hands dirty". I didn't think anything else of it until about 5 minutes later she and the twins came in to wash hands. I asked Emily what was really going on and she admitted that she had lied and that she had in fact taken her play makeup outside to play with.

The last time we were waiting for Bret to get home and she ran into the kitchen and told me that she saw daddy and he was parking his truck. I believed her and got everything on the table and ready to eat. As we sat at the table waiting for Bret to walk in at any minute Emily again told me that she didn't really see daddy.

In the past when it came to discipline explaining to Emily why not doing something was important a long with getting in to trouble for it (sitting in time out, etc) was enough. We have been there and done that with lying and it doesn't seem to have any effect. I'm trying to figure out why she keeps doing it (attention or to keep from getting into trouble) but it doesn't ever seem to be the same reason.

I am really at a loss. I'm not sure if my punishment (longer time outs or taking something away) need to be more harsh or if I'm just not explaining why it is wrong very well. All I know is that I need to nip this in the bud.

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Randi said...

We are dealing with that over here too. We've been memorizing Psalm 34:13 "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies." It's brought up a lot of good opportunities to talk about sin with Natalie (especially with Easter coming up!) and why we need Jesus, but I wish those opportunities came in a different package!