Dear sweet Logan,

I know that some babies go through a growth spurt around this age. Last night reminded me of that (ya know the fact that you wanted to eat every two hours and refused to sleep). Just so you know that plan you had to spend the day sleeping and recovering...not going to happen.

NONE of my babies have ever gotten their days and nights confused and you are not going to be the first. I have two secret weapons that are more than happy to keep you from sleeping all day and I am not afraid to use them.

I think you are a little tease stretching out your feedings the last week or so letting me think that maybe just maybe you would start sleeping through the night. I take it all back. Four to five hour stretches are just fine (and much appreciated after last night). As much as I love seeing your bright blue eyes looking at me in the dark while nursing I think we should save our love eyes for during the day. Mommy needs her sleep.

Much love and kisses anyways,

Your milk bar..mom

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