Not just visiting

We have been in KS for four weeks now. This time next week we will be back in PA gearing up to return to a new normal. It's a little intimidating.

We have so enjoyed our extended visit with family and friends. I am feeling pretty torn between being ready to be back in our own home, sleep in our own bed, and wear something other than what we brought with us. We miss our friends. It will be good to get the kids back into a routine.

On the other hand I am really going to miss everyone. As Bret and I start to talk about what is going to happen when he finishes residency one thing has been made clear. Kansas is our home. Our address may be PA but Kansas will always be home.

I think the hardest part about leaving KS (besides the 17 hour drive) is not knowing when we will see everyone again. We have left KS and said goodbye to loved ones and had that be the last time. My sister is expecting her first baby and it kills to have to think about not getting to be here for everything. Most likely it will be for Either her shower and to help get ready or right after the baby is born.

Logan is almost seven weeks old and the next several months he will change so much. All of the kids change so much. On the other hand we only have a year and half left in PA. That time will fly by before we know it and our goal is to try and make the most of it. Bret and I have started a list of all the things we want to see and do in that area before we leave. Some things we have done before and some that are new.

Getting back into a new normal is also going to be a big challenge. Bret starts Monday morning with a really tough rotation. He also will have a lot of weekend call to make up since he has been gone for so long. That leaves me and the kids to fend for ourselves a lot too. I am going back to work after maternity leave. Besides just going back to work the "going back" has changed since I am now working part time from home.

Change. It always feels like when change comes our way it doesn't just come lightly...it always comes in big ways. We take things one day at a time and try to keep focus on what is important. God, each other, our kids, and family/friends. The rest will work itself out. I don't talk a lot about God on my blog. He is, however, always there in my life. When I get overwhelmed (which is a lot these days) it gives me peace to know that I am not in charge. It gives me faith to know that he already knows what is going to happen and we are all going to be OK. God is good and we are so blessed.


ThatOneGirl said...

I am so selfish and pleased you all will be in Kansas and closer to Colorado so I can see you all more! I love you! Tamra

Stephanie said...

Safe travel back to PA, Adriana!