Ah the Joys

of modern technology.

I had forgotten how nice it was to have a washer and dryer that didn't require quarters. Or how handy it was to have a dishwasher that were not my hands.

Needless to say I have been taking full advantage while staying at my in laws of these and other joys that we had been going without for the past few years. Of course the biggest joy for my family is having cable again. Bret and I are as bad as the kids sitting and flipping through the channels. We have both realized how behind we are on some shows and how out of the loop we are on the new hits. I am not kidding when I say that I could sit in front of the TV for an entire day and not move. However, my three children have other ideas.

I like to tell myself that since we have been living in a tiny two bedroom apartment with no washer/dryer/dishwasher/extra room/cable/etc that we will appreciate it all so much more someday. It gives me chills to think that we are only talking about just over a year before we will be looking at and buying a home with all of these things and more. Truthfully I know that while at first we will lavish in these little extras eventually they will get old. Laundry is still laundry and dishes are still dishes. Even with new appliances they are still never ending chores that will become a pain eventually once again.


RosieSmrtiePants said...

Oh I hear you. We do have a washer/dryer and cable, but no dishwasher. Lucky for me, Dr. Love does not think I wash them well enough (Hello, OCD) and usually ends up doing them. He also does all the laundry, which is nice. Ok, so I'm spoiled. But I do know what you mean.

PS -- I love love LOVE that "Eat at Home" website on your blog...I'm ready to cook! :)

Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole said...

I can relate to the no cable - most people think its so odd, but its a luxury we can do without.

Its so exciting that you are so close to the end of training! And although chores will still be chores, they will still be a LITTLE easier - trust me we have had a washer and drier in our apt for the past two years, and I don't enjoy doing laundry, but it is still SO MUCH easier than packing up the laundry and hauling it somewhere!!!