A Guest

Our adventure in KS has been great. I love being able to spend real quality time with family without the usual "hurry up" feeling as we try and see everyone in a short time period. The help with Emily and Palmer has been amazing also. The kids are loving every minute of time they are spending with aunts/uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, and friends. We have no regrets about this trip.

However, I am quickly learning that it is sometimes weary to be a constant "guest". We sleep in other people's beds, eat their food, watch their tv, etc, etc. I worry about the kids being well behaved, the baby not being too fussy, and trying to be polite as we are guests. Just little things that I never thought of (like using other people's shampoo & soap brands or eating what they are having for dinner) can sometimes leave me missing home.

The good news is that we are working pretty hard to not over stay our welcome in any one place. We are spending part of the time with Bret's parents, my parents, our sisters, and some friends. Hopefully that will keep us from all getting on each others' nerves.

Bret had his first day at the hospital he is doing part of his elective at. He liked it a lot and thinks it will be fine for the next two weeks. Of course everyone is happy to have him. It is yet to be decided if this is really the program for him after residency or not. The best part is that when the two weeks are over he will know for sure.

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