Pep Talks

Bret and I have known for a long time that this week was going to be the hardest. Bret's mom left this past Monday early and my mom flies in late Thursday night. That meant I would be home by myself for four days with three kids on little to no sleep. Bret's schedule at work is equally brutal with long days of surgery, clinic, an extra presentation at a last minute conference, late stay, call this weekend (Friday night and all day Sunday), and of course Palmer's birthday party on Saturday. Whew.

Sunday night we were laying in bed and thinking about what was ahead. We sort of started giving each other a pep talk. We reminded each other to have patience with each other this week. We are both doing our best and as much as we can to help the other. Bret was also sure to remind me not to over due it. Let things like the dishes go and it was fine to have PB&J for lunch everyday if that was what the kids wanted. Thanks to my awesome MIL and some great friends our fridge is over flowing with leftovers and casseroles.

With both of my previous babies I had a little post baby blues. It was more like I got overwhelmed very easily and cried constantly. So far this time around I have been doing well. I am still sensitive to Logan's hand and people's reactions and I cried pretty hard when MIL left but overall the kids and I have been managing just fine. I will be the first to admit that I am surprised.

Logan is now eating about every three hours. The good news is that he goes back to sleep easily so we have found a nice routine between the two of us. I am beyond excited to have my mom come. She will be a big help in getting a few things done before the birthday party and packing for our big trip back to KS. We are leaving next Friday for 5 weeks in KS while Bret does an elective. I am not going to think about all that I need to do before then right now (even a non hormonal mom would be overwhelmed at packing for that prospect). It can wait a few more days.

Every night Bret and I give each other the same pep talk and encourage each other that there are only a few more days and that so far so good. It's times like these that I am thankful to have someone on my "team".

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