Fingers and Toes

Logan's delivery went great. There wasn't a lot of pain, I felt very calm, and it was nice to have familiar faces in the operating room. We were all surprised at how big he was. He came out and screamed from the moment he was born until 10 minutes later when they wrapped him up and brought him over. I would have still preferred a vaginal delivery but was thrilled with what we ended up with.

After we got back to the recovery room Bret unwrapped Logan and showed me his hand. With tears in his eyes he told me that Logan's hand didn't develope completely and that he only had a thumb. I was shocked. We had no idea and it was very unexpected. Immediately I started to cry and all kinds of crazy thoughts and worries started to enter my head.

Right away Bret told me to look at him and he said "Adriana, it could have been something so much worse. It could have been a cleft pallette, his leg, his heart, or something else internal, it could have been his mind. He is HEALTHY. He IS PERFECT."
In that instant I realized Bret was right. Our baby was going to be fine. He was going to be better than fine. There are so few things that a few missing fingers can keep you from doing in life. There are so many other things that could have gone wrong. What Bret said to me has grounded me and put things into perfect perspective. We love Logan and wouldn't have him any other way.

I was worried when the kids came in as to what we were going to say to them. Bret immediately took the lead and told them that Logan was like Nemo and had a lucky fin. He told that it would stay that way but that he was fine and it didn't really matter. The kids were amazing. They wanted to see his hand and asked some questions but then it was no big deal. They started listing things with Bret that was still going to be able to do well (Emily said punch and Palmer said basketball).

They say that when you see your husband become a father your love for them truly grows. I know Bret is a great father as he has shown that over and over again. The strength and love that he has shown me this past week makes me love him even more than I ever thought I could.
Logan may not have 10 fingers to go with his 10 (long and skinny) toes but is perfect and he his healthy and he is ours.


FRANNIE said...

Oh - he's so cute! Congrats! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh, Adriana, he's just scrumptious!! You have the most wonderful husband, too, but then, you know that already. God bless you during these next crazy weeks adjusting to being a family of five. What a genius idea to use Nemo as an example!!

P.S. I TOTALLY thought you were having a girl!!!

LegalMist said...

Oh, what a beautiful baby boy. I am so happy for you!!

Sorry for the late congratulations, but I haven't been out and about in the blogosphere as much as usual. Thanks for keeping me on your "invited" list anyway. I am glad to see your family is doing so well. :)

Up Rooted said...

He's so cute and congrats. Sorry its been awhile.
We have a friend that when he was in the womb he was sitting on his hand so his fingers weren't developed either. He gets a long great and doesn't have any issues. I guess one learns to adapt.