Catching Up

I figured out very quickly that just because I had a baby doesn't mean the rest of my life will stand still. Kids still need fed, entertained, dressed, and bathed. My husband tries to put in extra around the house and with the kids but still needs things and still depends pretty heavily on me. Work is going on with out me but because of my dang blackberry I am still finding myself replying to emails and looking some things up.

We survived the week with no help and was super happy to have my mom come into town. Palmer's third birthday party went off without a hitch and he had a great day. The second week with my mom in tow was much more smooth. Both Logan and I had doctor's appointments and passed with flying colors. Logan gained over a pound and I lost all of the baby weight plus 12 pounds. Whoo hoo!

Logan is doing amazing and is a great baby. I often wonder if it is because he is really that great of a baby or because it's my third. So many things are so much easier...nursing being the biggest. I am more relaxed and am very thankful that the baby blues have been more at bay this time around. That's not to say that I had my share of melt downs but they have been far and few between.

Packing for KS was my last big stresser and the trip itself. We all made it one piece and Logan did awesome. We are happy to be back and are enjoying our time here. We spent the last few days out in Colorado at Bret's parents' cabin and loved every minute of it. I can't believe how quickly our first week here has flown by. I am sure that the next four will go just as quick.

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Stephanie said...

Glad to hear you made it to KS safely!!

PS, I loved your "letter" to Palmer. It was very sweet and makes me think how very fast they grow up. Jesse is nearly 18 months and I'm just wondering what happened to my 'baby'.