Weather please cooperate!

I am not a weather person. What I mean by that is I am often time oblivious to what the weather is going to do until it is actually doing it. I am the girl who goes to work without an umbrella because it wasn't raining when I left. During the change of seasons I am the mom who sends her kids in a light jacket when it is supposed to be the first cold day of the year. I have learned b/c of my children to dress them in layers. Hats, gloves, and heavy coats go to school everyday and light jackets are in their backpacks just in case. It's just not something I pay that close attention to.

However, the talk everywhere is the pending snow that is supposed to start today and go on through the weekend. ACK!!

My sister is supposed to fly in tomorrow. We need her flight to be ON TIME so that we can all make it to the Nutcracker that evening. I also have some last minute Christmas shopping that I planned on getting done and if you have ever been 38 weeks pregnant (or even seen a 38 week pregnant person) getting around is a challenge normally let alone in bad weather.

Let's not mention the fact that when snow comes the barometric pressure tends to do funny things to pregnant people's water..most obviously it breaks it and pushes them into labor. Don't get me wrong I'm all for being done being pregnant...but Bret starts hell week on Sunday and we have sort of a plan as to an ideal time for the baby to come. I know, I know you can't plan these things but we can pretend right? So here is what I want.

I want light barely noticeable drifts until Sunday. Starting Saturday night through the rest of the weekend it can dump all it wants to. In fact the more snow the better. I would love a couple snow days next week...that would be awesome.

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