Snooze it one more time

I dare you!

Dear Dr. Heskett,

I completely understand your intentions of setting the alarm for 4:15 am this morning. I know that you are seriously behind on some of your gyn oncology charting and that you are concerned that you are going to hear about it from some of the attendings. I know that you fully intended to get up at this unspeakable hour and head in to work early to try and get caught up. I sympathize really I do.

However, your ability to ignore the alarm going off every 10 minutes by pushing the snooze button for over an hour and a half does not extend to your VERY pregnant wife that has a hard time sleeping soundly already. So here is the deal next time you are going to go in that early you are sleeping on the couch with your alarm or if I do let you sleep in our bed I promise that I will make DARN sure that your butt is up when I am up and I refuse to try and toss and turn, get up to go to the bathroom, and then toss and turn some more unless you are also just as awake as I am. Believe me when I say that I will be very insistent (IE I will throw cold water on you) to make sure you are up and out the door on time.

Oh and by the way when you mentioned that you knew I was up and having a hard time going back to sleep an apology would have been nice.

Much love,

Your tired, pregnant, devoted wife.

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