So apparently the weather didn't read my last post and decided to come on Saturday anyways. That said my sister's flight was canceled. She was only going to stay until Wednesday and when the earliest flight here they could get her would be Monday (again if the weather cooperated) it didn't seem like the best decision. Add into it the fact that KS was supposed to have bad weather on Wednesday and it was decided to take the ticket refund and rebook next year maybe for spring break.

I am heartbroken.

My sister was going to be our "family" here for the holidays. She was also going to be a huge relief this week during hell week for Bret. Although she was going to be leaving before Christmas actually got here it was still going to be something. Instead it is just us and we are moving forward. We are both pathetically bummed about the whole thing. Christmas presents that were going to be brought and taken back are now going to be mailed late. Emily and I attempted to make some Christmas candy yesterday with some of the ingredients that had already been bought.

I knew there would be a possibility of a delay. I was completely unprepared for the idea that she wouldn't come at all.

I haven't wanted to talk to anyone about it either. Everytime I mention that she isn't coming and they reply "oh, I'm so sorry" or whatever the tears start to brew. It's not that I am completely devastated. It will not ruin our Christmas. It's just that being so far from home and family for the holidays is hard. Her being here was going to make that easier. I am exhausted and emotional already. Throw in some homesickness and Bret's hours and you can understand that it just sucks. I find it ironic that the one day all year that we have weather is the day she is supposed to fly in. Everything happens for a reason and I have faith that it will all work out.

I am anxious for Christmas and this baby to get here already. I want to be done with shopping and done with Bret's work hours this week too. I pray that the Lord grants me energy, strength, and patience this week. I refuse to become a scrooge.

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