Feelin My Age

My gestational age that is.

I am just over 38 weeks pregnant and I am really starting to feel it.

Bret went to work Sunday morning at 7 and got off work yesterday at noon. I also had a half day of work so we made plans to have lunch and do some last minute Christmas shopping together.

Usually I can shop circles around Bret and he is ALWAYS the first to cry uncle and beg to be taken home. Not so yesterday. It seemed like everytime he came to find me I was sitting and staring off into space. I am having a lot of low pressure and get so tired so easy that two hours of shopping and I was completely wiped. This shocked my husband as I am usually the energizer bunny when it comes to shopping. So for most of the two hours I sat, went and looked at something when beckoned by Bret, and then went back to sitting and waiting while Bret did the rest. It was definitely a change of pace for the two us...and probably good for Bret too.

Since Bret works 30 hours today and won't be back to work again until Christmas eve there were a few things he wanted to take into work. The residents all had stockings for small gifts for each other, he needed a gift for his nurse, and of course there was the annual Christmas candy care packages for the clinic, labor floor, and department I always send in. Pregnant or not the guilt was enough to get my butt moving.

We made hot cocoa kits for the residents. This is not a big time consuming chore...normally. However since I have a 5 year old and an almost 3 year old that are constant "helpers" the task was more time consuming than first thought. We worked out a system (two Emily handfuls of chocolate and white chocolate chips and two Palmer handfuls of marshmallows after I scooped in the chocolate) and we were on our way.

Having already bought most of the ingredients for my sister and I's planned holiday baking I hated to let it all go to waste. So the kids and I have been making Christmas candy and cookies a few recipes at a time. Maybe it's not just the pregnancy making me so tired after all.

I have a half day again today and I am most grateful for the planned time off. Of course the original plan was to spend time with my sister and relax however that has changed and I have some last minute shopping and errands to still run. If we can get through the rest of today without Bret and tomorrow I feel good about the rest being down hill.

I hope.

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