Star Student- Day 4

As part of the star student week that Emily has been selected for this week at school parents are invited to come to school one day and read a book, cook something, bring treats, or do an activity. The teacher mentioned that the previous parents read books and if I wanted to do something different it would be welcome.

I had no idea what I was going to do but knew it needed to be simple. These are five year olds that we are talking about and I was doing it over my lunch hour. One of my favorite craft/project blogs that I read handed me the idea and it was perfect.

Amy at The Idea Room did a tutorial on making Reindeer Food and even provided a template for labels to print. I couldn't have asked for a better suited project.

It was a big hit and the kids loved the idea. One little boy came up to me with a very concerned face and said "I live in an apartment, if I sprinkle it on the ground how will Santa know what apartment I live in?" Of course after reassuring that Santa knows all I told him he could put it on the porch in a bowel and Santa could feed the Reindeer. That seemed to easy his concern.

Another little boy came up and said "The reindeer won't come inside will they? My mom doesn't let animals in the house". It was so hard to keep a straight face but I assured him that Santa would keep the reindeer outside while he brought in the presents.

As much as I loved this 20 minute activity I was reminded a couple of things. First that I could never be a teacher. I prefer working with college kids. Second that having them sit at their tables while I brought everything around for them to scoop into their bags is not exactly a comfortable position for someone who is almost 37 weeks pregnant. I should have sat in a chair and let them come to me. My back is still recovering.

It always makes me smile how much a kid loves to have their parent come to school and do things like this. The pride in their faces makes it all worth while. Thanks Amy for the great idea!

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FRANNIE said...

That is the cutest idea for a kindergarten activity.

Thanks for the blog invite too, it was nice to be included. I was sorry to see that you had to go private.