Misprint Ads

About a week ago I got an ad in the mail for Babies R Us. There were several good deals in the ad but the one that caught my eye the most was for a glider and ottoman. Essentially the if you bought both the glider and ottoman together you got $125 off. AKA you pretty much got the ottoman for free.

So Saturday we went to the store and I fell in love with the glider. It was perfect and the price was awesome. There was NO price on the glider but since it was the exact one in the sale flyer I assumed that it was the right price. We went home that night and talked it over and after looking at the space in our room decided that it was perfect.

I went online today to see when the sale ended and to check to see if the store in our area had the correct price listed. I was a little worried when I saw that the glider was listed for more than double the price in the catalog and there was no sale listed either. So I called the store. The manager informed me that the price in the catalog was a misprint and the online price was indeed the correct price. I mentioned to her that there was no information listing a different price on the glider and her reply was that it was on the back and kind of hard to see. She gave me a phone number to call. So I called the customer service phone number, she took my information, and told me there was nothing they could do about the wrong price but that they would be sure to follow up with the store manager. SOL is pretty much what everyone is telling me.

I HATE that. I HATE that all we hear about is how concerned stores are with sales this Christmas season but they can pretty much print whatever they want to in their ads and when you ask about it they can say "oh sorry it was a misprint". I think they should have to honor their price for false advertising. Then again I'm nobody and they could care less if I was disappointed or upset. It just sucks and it drives me insane. Not to mention that I really wanted the glider and for $150 it was perfect but for $350 it's too expensive.

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