It is raining where we live here in PA. The yucky cold not quite ice pouring rain that doesn't cancel or delay school. I wish it were snow.

Since we have moved to PA there has not been much snow in our area. I had never really thought of KS as a state that got A LOT of snow but I knew we got our share. As I was reading through friends from back home's status updates I found out that pretty much the entire state has been shut down due to the huge snow storms. Snow days for everyone.

I LOVE snow days. It's one of my favorite parts of working at a college. We don't get as many snow days as some of the high schools but there is still always the chance. Snow days are meant to have fun. You can't really go anywhere so instead you bake cookies, play in the snow, watch movies, and drink hot cocoa. There is nothing that I would rather do on a snow day then these things with my kids. Bret, unfortunately, doesn't get snow days. A doctor in the area's wife once told me that a few years ago they had so much snow that the roads were all closed. The national guard was sent out to the different doctors' houses to pick them up and take them to the hospital and then home again later.

When we think of what a "snow" day means it tends to much more snow than what people in this area think of. Here is a fun picture from a family member's back porch from just a few weeks ago.

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