What's for dinner?

Since my oldest child is only 5 I thought it would be a while before someone besides my husband would start asking me daily "what's for dinner". I was wrong.

This week like everyone else I have a ton of cooking for the big holiday looming over my head which makes the next few days dinner seem like even more work. At our house the staples for nights when time and energy are lacking are goulash, breakfast for dinner, PB & J w/baked mac n'cheese, or stromboli.

Last night we had stromboli as it is by far Bret and the kids' favorite last minute dinner. I got this recipe from a neighbor a few years ago and I thought I would share the wealth. Sorry for the lack of pictures to go with but this is not a cooking blog :)


1 loaf of frozen bread dough (I use Rhodes)
*various sliced lunch meat and cheese
pizza sauce for dipping

*We usually use ham, pastromi, and pepperoni and whatever other type of lunch meat we might have on hand. For cheese our favorites are provlone and monzerella.

Defrost the bread dough according to directions on the package. If it is a week day I usually put it in a sprayed bread pan covered with suran wrap the night before in the fridge. When I get home I preheat the oven and put the dough on top of the stove to let it warm up and rise a little before working with it since I am gone to work all day. Spread dough out on a sprayed cookie sheet. Layer your meat and cheese. Pull sides together and pinch to close. Bake according to bread directions with the seam down. Slice and dip in pizza sauce or ranch. Serve with a salad (bag salad is used at our house). Whala...diner is done in 30 minutes (including prep and cooking time)!

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