It's Official

Today I technically resigned. I handed over my letter of resignation and it was no surprise to my boss, her boss, HR, or even the president. This is because for the last few months we have been working on a proposal that I submitted. One that would allow me to work part time from home. While at first I was very nervous about even submitting the idea I now have realized how great of an opportunity this was for my department and division.

By moving me into a part time from home position (aka no health benefits and a slight pay cut) my VP can now add a new full time position that he had been begging for for years. It's a win win situation. I have never really needed the health benefits that my college offers but was forced to take them b/c Bret's job has a policy that if you are offered benefits at your employer you are not eligible for theirs. It actually will save us money because with the addition of a new baby we would have been paying for family benefits and my benefits separately. Now we will just pay family at Bret's work.

The other great part of this proposal is that I get to work part time from home. That means the kids will be home with me and we won't have to pay for daycare. Even though I am taking a small pay cut I will actually be making more money since we won't have daycare expenses.

The reason I had to submit my resignation is because they want it to take effect immediately upon my return from maternity leave. By resigning my current position (giving the duration of my maternity leave as notice) they can fill my position and not have to hire temporary help while I am out. Again...win!

I have to be honest I am still pretty overwhelmed. Everything has happened really fast and part of me is stressed about everything working out too perfectly. Not to mention the adjustment to having three kids at home and trying to work too. Bret and I have spent a lot of time talking about plans on how to get a schedule and routine going, where to go for help (ie hiring a babysitter a few days a week), etc. March through May should be an adjustment but the thought of being able to take my kids to the pool this summer, and to and from school in the fall is enough to keep me motivated to make this work.

I believe I am more nervous about this transition than I am about the baby coming. At least with the baby I know what to expect. The good news about this whole thing is that I have some options. With the extra money we are saving I can look at things like summer camps for the kids and part time help at home. Daycare is so expensive that even programs or a babysitter a few times a week is still cheaper by a long ways.

We have always had faith that everything would work out in God's plan. What is actually going to happen has worked out better than we could have ever imagined so far. We have faith that it will continue to work out fantastic albeit it won't be easy at first. Talk about something to be thankful for.


Cathy said...

That's great news! I'm happy for you guys :-)

FRANNIE said...

Sounds like you've got a great plan in motion. Here's to hoping it all smoothly. :)

Stephanie said...

That's so great, Adrianna!! Wish I could do the same!